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Youpreneur FM Podcast - Chris Ducker EPISODE 344, 21st May 2019
How to Create & Market Content to Attract Your Perfect Customer!
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How to Create & Market Content to Attract Your Perfect Customer!

Creating content that your audience will love takes more than a lucky hunch. You’ve got to listen to your audience to identify the type of content they’re hungry for. Whether you write a new blog post or record a video or podcast episode, you need to create content with purpose.  

The last thing you want after spending hours creating content is to upload it and hear nothing but chirping crickets across all of your platforms and social channels. If you want to learn how to create and market content to attract your perfect customer into your ecosystem, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this ‘back to basics’ episode of Youpreneur FM, I share my guide on how to create and target content to the right audience. I’ll teach you how to identify what type of content will help you establish a stronger relationship with your audience so that you can build your business and reputation.  

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:  

  • Before creating new content, ask yourself what you want to be known for, and then create original content that shows off your expertise 
  • Building a library of content that people can learn from is vital when it comes to creating an audience 
  • Create content that answers your audience’s burning questions and solves their problems 
  • Take your audience by the hand and show them the hidden gems of your world so that they’ll never want to leave 
  • One of the easiest ways to lose an audience before you’ve really captured them is to stop being consistent in serving up quality content 
  • Much, much more! 


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