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Fintech Fridays #2 | Funding Raised by Start-ups in Ghana and Africa since 2019 | Biggest African Startup Deals of 2023
Episode 15829th December 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In the second edition of Fintech Fridays, we analyse some of the biggest fundraising deals of the year 2023 completed by African Startups that also have a presence in Ghana, including Moove Africa. In addition, we look at the amount of funding that has taken place across the continent of Africa for startups since 2019. 

Welcome to Fintech Fridays, a brand new podcast segment by The Sound of Accra Podcast, exploring current financial trends and technology impacting the nation of Ghana, whilst analysing what that means for you and me, in micro episodes. 

Summary in This Week’s episode

  1. Moove Africa, Lem-Fi and M-Kopa are some of the biggest fundraising deals of the year that have taken place in Africa, who have each raised at least tens of millions of dollars and have a presence across many African countries.

  2. Billions of dollars have been raised by countries dominating the startup world in Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt.

  3. Ghana isn't a startup leader but has done over 42+ startup deals each raising at least one million dollars.

  4.  A key startup deal that has taken place was completed by Wave (formerly Sendwave) which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars


Special thanks to the newsletter "Africa: The Big Deal" by MAX CUVELLIER GIACOMELLI, the source of today's episode:

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