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The Consequences of What You Are REALLY Teaching Your Child – Episode 3
27th April 2017 • Harmonious Clan Podcast • Marco & Luiza
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How we can help you:

At Harmonious Clan, we help you overcome your biggest parenting struggles, so you can nurture your child from Outcast to Outstanding.

We believe there is gem inside each child that is sometimes masked by behaviors. Our strategies help you polish that diamond in the rough and bring out that brilliant gem that is your child.

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About this series:

In this series, we look at a scenario in our clan to illustrate what your actions as a parent, caregiver really teach the child. We discuss the right way to handle the situation to get to a real Harmonious Clan”.

What we discuss is all based on behavior ABC – A is antecedent, B is the child’s behavior, and C is consequence. The C (what you do after the behavior) is what reinforces the B (the behavior). So you have to make sure you are ‘behaving’ properly as a parent so to reinforce the right behavior. Download the podcast resource for the ABC template.

We discuss more about behavior ABC in our book Outcast to Outstanding.

Other Resources:

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