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Midlife Crisis or Midlife Calling?
3rd March 2020 • Thriving on Purpose Podcast • Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard
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How Men can navigate the troubled waters of Midlife Crisis


When a man hits midlife, usually between the ages of 37 and 50, something happens. He begins re-evaluating his accomplishments. For some, they pat themselves on the back and press on. But for others, they don’t like what they see and seek to change things… sometimes for the better, sometimes not. This is what is called… midlife crisis.


But, is the so-called midlife crisis real? Or is it merely the result of middle-aged whims of immature men? Is it a male rite of passage?


How does a man navigate midlife without hurting anyone in the process? How can a man navigate the hurdle of midlife, reboot, and finish the race well?


In this episode, we will help men navigate the troubled waters of midlife wisely and successfully - because, as we will see, this period in a man’s life… it’s a God thing.


Are you ready? Let’s dig deeper...



In this episode you will:


-Gain clarity about what midlife crisis is

-Understand just how crucial midlife and its related decisions are

-Get insight from thought leaders on the subject of midlife

-Learn how God and the devil are at play during this crucial time and why


Memorable Quotes:


“Midlife in men is much more than just a crisis.”


“Some men do make it into a crisis because they may be hurting and as they say… looking for love in all the wrong places.”


“I believe God greatly uses midlife in the lives of Christian men to bring them back into alignment with Himself - and to further propel them forward into their purpose.”


“I prefer to call it a midlife wake-up call. Or, as Bob Bufford called it: Half-time.”


“During a football game, we underestimate the importance of halftime. You see, depending on how the game is going, what is said, done, and focused on during halftime will determine the ultimate outcome of the game for any given team.”


“Halftime in life is crucial for men. It can make or break your life depending on the decisions you make.”


“In 2017, the highest suicide rate (20.2) was among adults between 45 and 54 years of age.”


“The devil likes to use this vulnerable time to encourage men to off themselves or to have an affair. He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.”



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