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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green 7th September 2020
Interview With Retired NFL Player Christo Bilukidi
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Interview With Retired NFL Player Christo Bilukidi

Christo played 4 seasons in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins. Football wasn't his intended profession since he grew up a soccer fan. However he knew he wanted to play sports professionally when he was older. He excelled at football in high school and earned the interest of the University of Louisville. However, he didn't have the classes needed to qualify academically there so he went to Eastern Arizona Junior College to start off. Unfortunately for him, the staff at Louisville that was recruiting him were fired, so that opportunity went by the wayside. Fortunately, another opportunity arose as Georgia State and head coach Bill Curry showed interest in him and offered a scholarship. With the chance play for a well respected coach, and to be one of the pioneers of the new program, he decided to transfer there. Playing Alabama got him noticed by the NFL scouts. Even with his excellent play and exposure, he wasn't expecting to be drafted. However, Oakland selected him in the 6th round. He had a few more stops with Cincinnati and Washington, but he credits Baltimore as the "best franchise he has been a part of." After his playing days ended, he was drawn to Real Estate. His goal is to own 100 doors and he is well on his way to that. He is part of the Real Estate Group "The Dream Team 613" which he established in his hometown of Ottawa Ontario Canada. For more information on Christo follow the links below.