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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 275, 16th March 2021
Episode 275 – Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership Development, Exit Realty
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Episode 275 – Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership Development, Exit Realty

This week on Episode 275 of The Real Estate Sessions, we chat with Bob McKinnon, Director of Leadership Development for Exit Realty. Bob has been in the business for over four decades. In 1971, Bob was part of the Southern California team that launched Century 21.

After 25 years with the Century 21 brand, Bob struck out on his own with McKinnon Enterprises, a coaching and consulting firm. In 2007, Bob connected with the leadership team at Exit Realty and focused on building leaders for the company for the last 10 years or so.

Before entering the real estate world, Bob worked with his father, selling Dale Carnegie courses throughout California. In fact, Bob was at the time the youngest Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer in the country. Always a lifelong learner, Bob recently became a Maxwell Certified speaker, trainer, and coach. Finally, Bob launched his own podcast in 2019, Real Leadership.

03:55 - Growing up in Lubbock Texas

05:50 - Following Dad to California via Abilene

09:00 - Attending Fresno St. after a tour of duty in Vietnam with the Marine Corps

11:55 - Discovering the real estate industry as an option and the beginning of Century 21 in Los Angeles

19:15 - The real estate market in the '70s and 80's

23:35 - Launching McKinnon Enterprises and meeting Steve Morris of Exit Realty for the first time

27:10 - Partnering with the Maxwell Team

32:15 What does Bob love about Exit Realty?

33:55 - What book should new agents read?

35:25 - What one piece of advice would Bob give to a new agent?

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