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Who Am I Really? - Damon L. Davis EPISODE 133, 31st October 2020
133 - Bet She Was Praying For You

133 - Bet She Was Praying For You

In this episode Cheryl, the mother and our adoptee, is joined by her natural daughter Diahan from Washington state and South Florida respectively.

Cheryl had an idyllic life growing up an athletic tomboy outside of Seattle. 

When her daughters started having children she got concerned about the missing medical information she was unable to transfer down the family tree. 

Fortunately there was no one better suited to usher Cheryl through her genealogy journey than Diahan, an early professional in the industry. 

In reunion Cheryl has found welcoming siblings and a gigantic family that filled a hole she didn’t know was there. 

This is Cheryl’s journey.