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Families Traveling by Piggyback
26th August 2019 • Family Travel Radio • Aaron Schlein
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One innovative product is helping families travel further, climb higher, and explore longer—all while smiling ear-to-ear.

Aaron Schlein chats with the co-creator of the Piggyback Rider, a product that helps young children and children with special needs experience more of the world than ever before.


Bryan Lifshitz - Co-creator of the Piggyback Rider

Bryan’s professional profile reads: Visual Communicator, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Brand Pusher and Creative for hire.

His personal profile reads: Happily married for over 15 years, 2 daughters 9 & 12, loves kickball, Frisbee golf and creating new products.

Bryan’s favorite past projects include beating out Nike graphic designers to create a brand for the Kenyan American Soccer Exchange program and helping to create an artistic representation of “mitochondria” for a scientific research grant which was funded by a philanthropic donation of $500,000.

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