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Unbottleneck Your Business - Tonya Thomas EPISODE 16, 22nd July 2021
How to Move Past a Bad Delegating Experience
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How to Move Past a Bad Delegating Experience

Having a bad experience in any situation can have a negative impact on moving forward, and the same holds true when it comes to delegating. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are a bit apprehensive about letting go initially, so not having things go well when they do decide to let go can have a devastating impact on future delegating efforts. However, you must not let having a negative experience ruin your progression. 

Tune in to learn how you can not only move past a bad delegating experience but become a better delegator in the process.

Today on the Unbottleneck Your Business Podcast:

  • Learn what to do when things don’t work out
  • How to have the right frame of mind
  • How to analyze the situation so that it doesn’t happen in the future
  • How to create a plan for success going forward


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