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293: Fitness Modeling and Functional Medicine with Rachel Scheer
13th August 2019 • LIVETHEFUEL • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Geeking out on health and mindset with Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Fitness Model, Rachel Scheer:

Rachel Scheer is a functional medicine nutritionist with her own private practice in Dallas, TX. Rachel helps people with a wide range of nutritional needs to enhance their athletic performance, improve their physical and mental health, and make positive lifelong health changes. Rachel is also a fitness model and public speaker. Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to take control of their physical and mental health so they can achieve the life they desire.

Quote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is then not an act but a habit.


Top 3 Hot Points:

  1. Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 foods
  2. Build Your Healthy Foundation
  3. Mindset Is So Important, Your worth it!


Your Worth It! Mindset, Fitness Modeling, Functional Medicine Podcasting with @RachelEScheer @livethefuel

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On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [11:00] It’s definitely a lifestyle approach. The way I like to describe it to a lot of my clients is kind of like a pyramid. We all remember the old food pyramid where the bottom was bread and carbs and towards the top was maybe candy, but there were very little fats in there very little protein sources.
  • [20:00] Eating cholesterol does not raise your cholesterol. It goes back to the whole lifestyle picture. I eat whole eggs every single day for breakfast. I eat red meat, I eat a lot of foods that have cholesterol in it, but my cholesterol levels are very, very low. When we combine things like processed foods with processed sugars, and then lots of inflammatory fats like industrial seed oils, vegetable oils, all of those combined in one, those are really the enemies that we need to be aware of.
  • [31:00] I already was doing nutrition coaching. I was raised more on an athletic side, so I was helping with weight loss, I was helping with building muscle athletic performance. So I was already doing that. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and helping other people. But there’s something just different about helping other people improve their quality of life. Going from where they are, I’m miserable, I can’t eat anything and to be able to like eat something without feeling miserable after it. That just feels awesome to be able to help people to that extent. So I love helping people get six-pack abs and all that if that’s what they want to do. But just to truly be able to improve people’s quality of life, that’s a whole other level for me.
  • [42:00] A cow that’s fed grains is going to have much higher rates of omega-six fats compared to omega threes when a cow has been grass-fed. It’ll still have some omega sixes. It’s not going to have nearly the extent of a grain-fed cow. So omega sixes for people who don’t know, are pro-inflammatory fatty acids. Omega threes are anti-inflammatory. So we do need both in the body. But with typical Standard American Diet aka SAD Diet, we tend to get way more of the omega sixes that are pro-inflammatory. We are not getting enough of the omega threes that are anti-inflammatory. So we have a lot of people suffering from chronic inflammation and cholesterol issues. We are not saying that everybody needs to go outsource their cow. But they do need to pay attention, i.e. where’s your food coming from? Read the food labels, it blows my mind when people will just purchase “foods” and they did even look at what’s in the food that they’re eating.
  • [52:00] I can hand someone over the perfect nutrition plan and be like, if you follow this, you will get great results, you’ll be fit, you’ll feel great. But there’s often a lot more barriers than that. A lot of it goes back to mindset and motivation. Lack of confidence contributes to why can’t we follow it, it’s not always that black and white. I actually end up doing a lot more mindset counseling as well to in addition to the nutrition side of things under my Functional Medicine practices.
  • [54:55] Final Words


Final Words:

“You’re Worth It!”

I would say kind of going back to a lot of the things we’ve talked about is just your health. Honestly, it is well if your health is the foundation for everything and not just the way you look. And it affects everything, it affects your business, it’s going to affect your relationships with your family, it’s going to affect your confidence. If you want to reach new levels of success, and you want to really be at the top of your game with your business with your life. You need to be looking at the Foundation, you need to be looking at our diet, or exercise or hydration levels. That’s going to transpose to all areas of your life. So I would encourage people to just start with the basics, looking at their lifestyle, and building that up and going from there. So building the self-discipline and also just knowing you are enough and knowing “you’re worth it” too because I think a lot of people struggle with self-doubt, low confidence, and building up like what Andy Frisella even talks about a lot in his Podcast. Do the difficult things, the things you don’t want to do, do the things you say you’re going to do. Not only is it going to help you achieve your goals, but you’re going to build up a reputation with yourself and you’re going to be able to achieve the things that you want to. Build up that confidence!


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