The Real Estate InvestHER Show with Elizabeth Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli - Providing women real estate investors with education EPISODE 95
EP 95: How She Grew Her Duplex Portfolio with Little of Her Own Money with Ashley Kehr
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EP 95: How She Grew Her Duplex Portfolio with Little of Her Own Money with Ashley Kehr

As you grow your multifamily portfolio, the need for more financing to put these deals together (quickly) will become increasingly important. We are thrilled to sit down with Ashley Kehr from Buffalo, NY on today’s show to talk about how she grew her multifamily portfolio - duplex by duplex. She has been able to grow from zero to over 30 units with very little of her own money. On today’s episode, we chat with Ashley about a ton, including the numbers of her typical deal, how she finances deals with private money and other methods, and how to structure deals with money partners to create win-win situations!

Ashley Kehr is from Buffalo, NY and currently owns 30 units and 6 under contract. Most of her portfolio consists of duplexes in rural areas. The purchase price of her deals has ranged from $17,500 to $143,000. For the past two years, she has successfully used a line of credit on an investment property to present cash offers and then refinance to repay line of credit. Her favorite deal is a duplex she purchased for $35,900. The bank gave her a 90-day unsecured loan to purchase the property. She refinanced with the same bank after closing. She did $800 in updates and it appraised for $55,000. She refinanced at $42,000. She paid closings costs, unsecured loan, and had money left over. This property rents for $1200 a month. She just started her first Airbnb unit! Her husband owns a dairy farm that they live on. She has three boys – ages 5 and under. Before getting into real estate she worked as an accountant at a CPA firm and only last four months out of college before she quit to be a property manager. After two years of being a property manager for one investor, she realized she can own property too! Ashley is the Buffalo, NY InvestHER Meetup Leader which is launching in 2020!

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Ashley, including: 

·       Why you should find private money partners first

·       What to actually share with a private money partner

·       Importance of a personal financial statement

·       How to structure deals with money partners

·       The power of lines of credit to finance deals


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