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Speakers' Corner at FWD50 (with Alistair Croll and Rebecca Croll)
Episode 1915th March 2024 • Let's Think Digital • Think Digital
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If you haven’t heard of FWD50, you should! It’s one of the premiere conferences on digital modernization in government and exists to help answer one vital question: How do we use technology to make society better for all? Many of this season’s podcast conversations were recorded on location at the conference in Ottawa last November.

On this episode of Let’s Think Digital you are going to get an opportunity to hear directly from some of the participants in last year’s conference. We had set-up a Speakers’ Corner booth where we invited anyone at FWD50 who wanted to share their views on what their hope for the future of digital government is and what they think is stopping us from getting there.

We kick-off this episode with a wonderful conversation with two of the key founders and organizers of FWD50, Alistair Croll and Rebecca Croll. They talk about what it's like to organize the conference, highlights from the 2023 event, and give us a sneak peek of what they have in store for the 2024 edition and why you should go.

Make sure to fill out the 2024 FWD50 content survey and help shape the agenda!

Learn more about FWD50 at:

Finally a big thanks to Amy Kirtay, Andy Best, Amanda Bernardo, Liz Christie, Charles Finley, Dea De Jarisco, Roy Nader, Derek Alton, Urooj Qureshi, Pascale Elvas, James Duncan, Jeff Outram, and Lewis Eisen for appearing on the podcast as part of our Speakers' Corner segment!

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00:04 Introduction

01:27 Alistair Croll and Rebecca Croll

30:50 Who are you and why are you at FWD50?

33:23 What is your vision for government in 2030?

36:55 What are the barriers to get there?

40:58 Conclusion