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Joel Greene on Immune-Centric Approach to Anti-Aging and Health, Gut Health, Ad Libitum Eating, Oxygenation, Steering Macrophages and More!
8th December 2021 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Working out once a week and eating whatever, whenever and being in the best shape of your life. Sounds like a dream? It's a dream my guest today is living. Joel Greene is the creator of the VEEP Nutrition System, based on targeting gut communities to affect health and body composition. He is also the author of the groundbreaking book The Immunity Code: The New Paradigm for Real Health and Radical Anti-Aging. Joel was training intervals in the 1970's, taking MCT's in the late 80's, doing Keto in the early 90's and targeting AMPK by 2009. At age 55 he is a 100% natural athlete and works out on average once per week, eating what and when he wants. Joel is also a speaker and consultant for some of the nation's largest employers, including big cities and hospitals. Additionally he teaches functional medicine practitioners how to help their patients to dramatically slow aging and lose weight by optimizing their gut health focusing on an immune centric approach. And today he will share some of his key insights with us. In this episode, you'll learn: -Trial, Success... Rebound effect! Decades of fad protocols and Joel's pursuit for answers...02:30 -Anatomy of a fat cell and why fat loss models have been totally incorrect for 70 years or more...06:30 -There is a genetic mechanism activating that programs fat cells to regain weight...10:30 -Fat loss is an injury. Learn how the damage manifest in the body...12:30 -Obesity and chronic weight loss do something similar in the body: both are forms of cellular injury...16:45 -Big problem: we never learned how to eat!...17:45 -How we are trying to overcome a survival instinct with willpower...21:00 -How Joel advocates for acquiring a skillset rather than "going on a diet" to retrain the body to eat ad libitum...23:15 -Gut health! Practical advice for healing and maintaining your gut...27:00 -Circadian, Circaseptan, and seasonal rhythms: optimize your natural biorhythms...32:00 -Immune-centric approach to anti-aging and health: oxygenation is key!...35:20 -Steering macrophages: flip those suckers from the inflammatory state to the anti-inflammatory state...38:15 -NAD supplementation: this can increase the aging process...40:00 -Simple techniques for clearing hypoxia (where there is hypoxia, there is inflammation)...42:30 -Joel's life practices he wants to share with listeners: Hint: tap into survival!...45:30 Resources from this Episode Joel Greene's Instagram Veep Nutrition The Immunity Code Book by Joel Greene