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Manufacturing Happy Hour - Chris Luecke 25th November 2019
6: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap with Joe Carson
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6: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap with Joe Carson

Like many entrepreneurs, Joe Carson was leading a successful career at a large company. After spending his first 5 years out of college at Rockwell Automation, he didn’t want to risk living with regret and couldn’t resist the startup urge any longer. Joe is the Founder of Pacific Blue Engineering, a Long Beach-based control systems integrator that’s been growing across California and beyond for over 4 years.

In this episode, Joe walks us through his own journey of building Pacific Blue Engineering and the investments he makes in himself and his team to stay on top of their game – both technically and physiologically. We even get his perceptions on the future of automation, and why the opportunity to migrate legacy control systems and enable the Connected Enterprise have Joe excited for what’s ahead.

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