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424 : Alan Taylor – Stop chasing conferences, put your head down and do the work
24th January 2020 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Plain and simple talk from a humble seller. Alan admits he needed to step out and let the dust settle to move forward. You have to look long term. This is a marathon not a sprint if you want long term success. Also pay attention when he talks about partnering up with another seller. She has leveled him up.


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Cool voice guy:                 00:00                    Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of eCommerce selling today. Here's your host, Steven Peterson

Stephen:                            00:14                    20. It seemed to have a whole bunch of these episodes coming out where I'm, I'm talking about a success and where they found it. And I'm telling you there's something happening, um, in the Amazon seller tribe and it's just amazing to see. And this is another good example of somebody who stepped up and stepped out who found a home and all of a sudden it's like his bearings, uh, hers bearing went straight, right? All of a sudden he found this compass pointing to the same place he wanted to go and some people helping guide him. And um, if you're looking to learn, if you're looking for a home, this is probably going to be the group for you. Um, just just pay attention to when he talks about chasing conferences. If you find yourself going to the next conference to learn the big secret, there isn't any, it's hard work.

Stephen:                            00:59                    Um, it's focus. It's, uh, understanding who you are and then capitalizing on that and hiring out those things that you're not, and when you're honest enough to admit it, when you can see it, and when you have other people leading you in demonstrating you, um, all of a sudden, or you hear these examples of people who just figured it out and there's no magic to it. Um, it takes hard work. Um, I'm talking about the Amazon seller tribe run byby Gaye Lisbey and Gary Ray, a phenomenal group. Um, and I'm very fortunate to call them a sponsor of the podcast because I've seen so many examples. It's so easy for me to endorse them. So go do amazing, forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. That's a lot momentum, hyphen arbitrage. And you could sign up for free 14 days and that's exactly what I suggest you do is try for 14 days and sit back and say, Hmm, okay, I how much it costs.

Stephen:                            01:53                    I do this and it's paid for. Okay, now I get another 30 days for free. Now let me try that and then see if you can build out your business. But more importantly, don't just go there and use their list. Go there and learn. Go there and really step out and uh, maybe take a little leap of faith and figure out where you want to go and have, have other people help you get in line, help you get your compass straight. So amazing., forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. Um, go check it out. Get the 14 days for free. Um, and reach out to me if I can help you in any way. I'm in there. Uh, I'm ready to help you take care. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 424. Alan Taylor in it. It's funny, I get choked up in this episode talking to another guy about some wishy washy things about selling online and relationships and, uh, you know, finding your way and being led here and all that kind of stuff.

Stephen:                            02:56                    So, uh, I might get a sappy in here, but it's true. Um, you can find your way in this industry like no other industry I've ever seen or been part of. And no one I talked to, I haven't found anyone else. I, it maybe I make the reference in there and maybe the military or maybe a sports team. There's something, there's a comradery or, uh, uh, uh, uh, connection that people get that is just, some of them are just forever. Um, but I would tell you in this world, you're gonna make a lot of those. You might make one or two in this world, you're going to make a lot of them. As long as you're real, you're not fake and you're not trying to take advantage of people or, you know, just going in and being a taker. Um, Allen Allen gives some good advice about that.

Stephen:                            03:41                    Um, I have to choose between one of three things. He say that, or just so I called them Allen isms. I mean, there's just so many of them. It's such a, so his plain speak is just so directed and you can hear it, you can hear the genuineness and it's just, it's a very cool story. Um, and it should be encouraging for those of you who are part time, want to go full time. I think Allen's advice is spot on. Oh, and there is a pitch for um, for a sponsor my show in it. Um, and it's awesome if you take it through my link. If you don't, I am not going to get offended. I just want you to, uh, to, to build. And uh, so very, very cool. Um, let's get into the podcast and we'll come back to the eCommerce moment of podcasts. I'm excited about today's guest who's a little nervous and I understand that, um, because he's humbled and, uh, being a humble person, uh, it's probably uncomfortable to come out and talk to a bunch of people, but I think anybody who listens to this is going to be richer for it. I know I am. I already am. Um, but I will be even further. Alan Taylor, welcome Alan.

Alan:                                     04:45                    Hello Steven. How you doing today?

Stephen:                            04:47                    I'm doing really well now though. That's Southern boys. He's got that, that you don't have that Johnny Cash voice. You've got that. Ah, I wonder who it would be. I have to think about that. You've got that Southern thing. Have you lived in the South your whole life?

Alan:                                     05:01                    Uh, no. I was born, raised in Indianapolis and then went in the military and when I got out I moved to Tennessee. Good there for 32 years and now I live in Florida.

Stephen:                            05:13                    You picked up that, that slang down there, didn't you? Did you, did you, uh, you did a pretty long tour in the military, did you, did you always plan on going in the military?

Alan:                                     05:25                    Yes, but um, I ended up there, um, I ended up skipping school one day and my mother come in and she said, what are you going to do with your life? I said, I'm going to join me, honor me. She said, get your coat. And that was, that was the beginning of my military career I guess.

Stephen:                            05:44                    Well she, so she was in favor. Was she in favor of that then or? Oh, yes. Okay. So she's like, this is going to get this rebellious young guy. He's going to get the discipline he needs. You know, when I was younger, you and I are the same age. When I was younger it was the mill. A lot of times that this was actually even before I was, uh, cause I remember hearing these stories. So it wasn't really, but it was, you know, military or jail for some people, you know, that was what it was. Yeah. No, no it was prior to that. But you know, I'm talking about there was a time when there was that and what I've seen, the military people that I've met, there's, there's something, especially in this e-commerce world, they have an advantage that discipline, the fortitude, I don't know what what it is, but almost every single example. And you, you know, that you guys have a kinship. I mean, have you seen that same thing? Yes.

Alan:                                     06:34                    Oh yes. Yes. As you know, it's a work ethic and it's a, it's um, you know, when you try to be honorable to other people and

Stephen:                            06:43                    yeah, yeah. That, that means a lot. How serious do you take that? How do you, how serious do you take that honorable thing? Cause I, I think that's a, that's a pretty important thing. And yet it's competitive, right? You're competitive and yet you're friendly. How do you, how do you take that?

Alan:                                     07:00                    Well, to me your honor is everything. You know, if you don't have a, if you don't have honor thing yourself or you have, you have to be honest with everybody and, and hold to your word. That's the way I was brought up and that's the way you want to be known, you know? So if I was gone tomorrow, I'd want to know that I was an animal person, you know.

Stephen:                            07:23                    Hmm. So you go in the military and did you learn a trade in the military or a skillset?






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