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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 42, 21st September 2019
Ep 42 | Getting Ready to Get Ready
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Ep 42 | Getting Ready to Get Ready

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Ever catch yourself getting ready to get ready? Listen for that Head Trash with me today… I’m getting organized so I can take action. I’m reading up on that. Or my personal favorite – Let’s sit down and talk about that.  REALLY…    the only opportunity to do important things will happen INSIDE the urgent chaos of life. If you’re waiting for time to do the important things, you’ll never get them done. ………. I’m not talking about ignoring urgent issues, by the way. I’m not talking about guilt or duty or beating yourself up. That’s ALL HEAD TRASH. I’m talking about the number one Education you can get – the number one momentum builder that exists.  PRACTICE.  

Practice doing one simple thing in the middle of your chaotic life. Decide what you’d do if you had time and spend just ONE MINUTE doing something – practicing something that takes a first step in that direction.  That’s IT.  You’ll get better. You’ll form habits if you just consistently do ONE THING for ONE MINUTE in the middle of the chaos. 

STOP getting ready to get ready. Jump into the Practice Zone and if you’re interested to know more about the Practice Zone Mastermind, I’d love to chat with you so get on my calendar or share the idea with someone you know. Be part of the No Head Trash Nation and let’s come to life in the Practice Zone.  

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