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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 11th November 2019
Here’s What Your Email List WISH You Sent Them
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Here’s What Your Email List WISH You Sent Them

You’re NOT making enough cash from your email list right now. How do we know this? …Well in this episode I explain how to break down how much you SHOULD be making, and give you all my best promotions so you can top up your revenue.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • The ’email ROI formula’ that tells you how well you’re monetising your list right now. There’s an absolute MINIMUM you should be making per subscriber per month (if you suck), but I’m sure you’re doing better than that. I reveal what I’m making using the formula.
  • I show you the ‘pen and paper’ tool I use to get awesome results with my email marketing every month. This tool also ensures your list love the emails you send them, and it ‘activates’ the different types of subscribers you have
  • How to sell your list every single day (without irritating them).
  • The BEST promotion you can run with email (I run one every single month)
  • How to create an influx of cash THIS WEEK from your email list (without any clever marketing)
  • How to get high ticket clients by sending emails
  • I reveal how often you should send emails to your list (hint: it should be WAY more often than what you’re doing right now)
  • How to get all the emails you like sent to your list without typing any of them yourself, and without forking out thousands for a copywriter

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