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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - Rachel Nielson 1st June 2018
033: How to Get Your Kids to Do Quiet Time
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033: How to Get Your Kids to Do Quiet Time

Thank you so very much for leaving Reviews on my podcast this week for my birthday! I absolutely loved reading your words. This extra episode is my way of saying, \"THANK YOU--I LOVE YOU!\"

Instituting a daily Quiet Time is one of the BEST things I\'ve done for my kids (and for me!). But I know it\'s not always easy to do it, especially with strong willed kiddos. I hope my three tips will help you to start this routine in your family!

Show Notes

\"Okay to Wake\" Clock That Turns Green: https://amzn.to/2LtZkjq

Quiet Time 101 by April Perry of Power of Moms: https://powerofmoms.com/mommys-naptime-101-2/

Quiet Time: My Very Best Parenting Secret by Jansen of Everyday Reading: https://everyday-reading.com/quiet-time-my-very-best-parenting-secret/