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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 43, 26th September 2019
EP 43 | 4 Reasons you feel NUMB
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EP 43 | 4 Reasons you feel NUMB

Hi, it’s Greg from Breakthrough Leadership and The No Head Trash Nation

If there’s one thing nobody would ever say about me, it’s that I’m lazy. I took pride working everyone else ‘under the table’.  I was passionate, driven, always going beyond the call of duty.  I could figure out how to turn anything into work. I was proud of my hard work. I considered the hard work in my career as evidence how much I was doing for others and how successful I was.  Over time, unfortunately, I just felt numb. I got desensitized. I never chose apathy but it became my constant companion. I couldn’t ‘care’ about everything in my busy life so I chose to turn off the things that required me to invest myself where there were variables I couldn’t control.  

The problem is, we’re prone to destroy ourselves when we’re LEFT to ourselves. 

We get NUMB. And it leads to choices devoid of passion, lacking freedom and asking questions we don’t have answers for. 

How did we arrive where we’re numb to the only things that matter?  

1.      We resist relationships. We substitute techniques for the work of relationship building. We keep people at arm’s length till we don’t even want to go through the motions.

2.      We resist love. Love challenges us and tests us. Love requires effort. It pushes us out of our comfort zone. We fill up with things that FEEL like love but we resist genuine love.

3.      We resist growth. We’re busy. We look for easy ways to get what we want.  We love our busy-ness but our progress is only a mirage. The irony of our hard work is we want to improve ourselves but we don’t want the sacrifice of consistent intentional growth. So, we go numb. 

4.      We resist Change. Unlocking our highest created purpose requires change but we don’t want to change. We isolate ourselves, make excuses and look for escape wherever we can find it. We hold on tight to past performance, past feelings and past affirmation. Our routines take us where we’ve already been instead of where we were destined to go. Each day encrusts the rigidity of our past, we get numb to the possibilities that lie in the future.  

You can choose a life of freedom that returns feeling to the life you were created to enjoy. The path to Breakthrough begins new every day. Unlock your purpose. Live with Passion. Become the leader you were created to be.    

If you want to chat about pursuing Breakthrough Together in The Yates Mastermind, get on my calendar or message me and let’s get rid of the Head Trash… Together.   

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