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Delish Dish - iHub Radio 25th April 2020
Delish Dish with Jeff Hocker, April 25, 2020
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Delish Dish with Jeff Hocker, April 25, 2020

On this week's serving of Delish Dish, host Jeff Hocker talks first with Debbie Espinosa, CEO, FIND Food Bank. They discuss food insecurity and new initiatives www.FindFoodBank.org. Then, Madelyn and Michael Botello, Owners, Wally's Desert Turtle will tempt our palettes with their new Take-Out Menu www.WallysDesertTurtle.com.

Later in the program, Mark Carnevale, Owner, Nicotine's Italian Restaurant will give us insight into how they have adapted to the times with their family-run business www.Nicolinos.com. Rounding out the show is William De La Campa, Owner, Nature's Health Food & Cafe. He offers up tips on loosing weight and staying healthy during COVID-19. www.NaturesHealthFoodCafe.com.