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144: Waste As A Building Resource with Frank Cato Lahti
Episode 14422nd November 2021 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, we talk to Frank Cato Lahti. He is the founder of Othalo. A company that has developed a patented system that use recycled plastic waste for construction materials to build affordable housing on an industrial scale. Born and raised in Vardø, an island in the middle of the Barents sea with the worlds richest fishing fields surrounding this little island. With a background in housebuilding as well as an officer in the army he saw a link between the world’s plastic pollution and the worlds need for affordable housing as a solution to each of these global problems. His believe have we all have an obligation to not hurt the planet and protect it for future generation as well as his believe that all is connected and that we all are as one, was the starting point for Othalo.  

During this episode, we talked about the importance of housing and how his company is changing plastic from waste to a resource. We also looked at the importance of lifting up women and how that has a positive ripple effect in the communities they are working with.

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It's making this not a problem, but a resource.



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