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Accounting Influencers - Rob Brown EPISODE 92
Tips to Implement App Advisory In Your Accounting Firm
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Tips to Implement App Advisory In Your Accounting Firm

Robert Davidson is a qualified accountant with a background in industry, Big 4 firms and even playing professional poker for 4 years. He has always felt clout accounting was the future, and was invited to plan and project manage the cloud rollout for a successful national accounting firm in Scotland.

In 2019 he started Appacus App Advisory with Matt Flanagan and David Robinson at BlueHub. Their aim is to help accountants and their clients bridge the gap between operational and financial systems, and to navigate the often overwhelming app space and future-proof their practices. Shownotes:

  • The parallels between professional poker players and professional accountants
  • How a cloud visionary saw what was coming for cloud accounting a few years before everyone else
  • Appacus is a community of forward-thinking firms to share best practice on apps and integrations
  • Why accounting source systems like Quickbooks, Sage and Xero might not be the most important system for a business client
  • The technology available today is making compliance much quicker and advisory more powerful for accounting firms
  • Advisory for accountants is not management accounts and dashboards - it's the interpretation of that information
  • For accounting clients, advisory is only value if the client can understand it and it helps them make decisions
  • The accounting app landscape for accountants and their clients is overwhelming - one vendor may offer 2000 updates a year
  • The required skillset of an accountant is changing rapidly to incorporate the advance of technology
  • Many accounting firms are lagging with cloud accounting because they don't fully understand the benefits
  • Accounting cloud apps can bring client engagement, sales processes and onboarding down from months and weeks to days
  • Many accountants feel like they need to know 120% of everything before they give an answer
  • The mistakes accounting firms make when doing app advisory for their clients
  • Apps are simply tools to solve pain points, provide information and help people make decisions
  • Is a cloud accounting specialist the best way for firms to go
  • The complexities accountants face in differentiating between all the different apps when advising clients
  • The skills accountants will need going forward when it comes to apps and technology
  • The worst advice about app advisory that finds its way into the accounting market
  • We are just touching the surface with app advisory - so many more are coming out
  • Accountants - it's much better that you go to your clients with suggestions than the other way around.

Robert Davidson on the Accounting Influencers podcast with BD Academy founder Rob Brown

When he’s not working, Robert loves football, walking his rescue dog Mia, travelling and meeting new friends. You can reach him here...

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