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Soul-Inspired-Leadership - Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier 18th March 2020
Good Leadership is being a Curling Sweeper
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Good Leadership is being a Curling Sweeper

What does servant leadership mean?

There is a lot of talk on this. 

Servant leadership is where a leader is there to look after and make the way or clear the way for the employees. It's all about providing vision so that the team heads towards a target. As a leader if you do whatever it takes to keep people on track to reach that target. That's servant leadership.

As a leader you're there to serve them. Not the other way around. The employees or the team are there to reach a goal or a target. The role of a servant leader is to enable them to get to that target. That's the key.

An example of this is a sport that's seen once every four years in the Olympics! It was invented in Scotland. It's called Curling.

When the player sends the curling stone down the ice, to reach a target, there are a couple of players who act as sweepers. Sweeping the ice and clearing the way for the stone to reach its target. 

Leaders are like that. A curling sweeper. The leader is there, keeping people on track, by clearing the path to get the team to reach or achieve the target. Serving the team clearing the path by removing obstacles and providing resources. That's what Servant Leadership is about.

In the process the leader also has to develop people. It's part of achieving the target. The right skills and talent need to be nurtured. The journey to the target is not static and in order to achieve it people need to be developing.

It's not just clearing the path. It's also about keeping the team aligned to the target and doing what else is needed to serve them in order to help reach the target