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James and Sana - James Newcomb and Sana Dorry 18th October 2020
Uncage the Circus Monkeys! The Case for Showmanship In Your Podcast
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Uncage the Circus Monkeys! The Case for Showmanship In Your Podcast

There's a truth all podcast host need to embrace...

You're an entertainer first and foremost. This causes a bit of cognitive dissonance in a lot of podcast hosts who start their show for good reasons: to make a positive impact in the lives of those who listen to it.

"Entertainment" is circus monkeys and free candy in our minds. To "entertain" our listeners seems to run afoul of noble purposes that many podcasters have.

Well, they don't understand what it means to entertain. To sum up, it means this:

Don't be boring.

If you can follow that one rule, you're guaranteed to have an entertaining show. The value that you intend for listeners to take away will come out, whether it's an entertaining, captivating presentation, or a dull, boring lecture.

No one likes a lecture, you may as well be entertaining.

Sana and James discuss what it means to be entertaining, and share a few principles on how to do so with integrity and in a way that ensures your message will be heard - and remembered!

This is a topic that will be covered in James' new book: Podcasting Principles. To sign up for your free copy delivered to your email inbox, go to beatinpath.media to join the wait list.