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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 20, 25th April 2019
Making it Personal - Dr. Nathaniel Chin – Dementia Matters Podcast
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Making it Personal - Dr. Nathaniel Chin – Dementia Matters Podcast

Most of us know at least one person with a serious illness, and wish we could do something so they didn’t have to suffer. We think about the ways in which we can help, from taking them to doctor’s appointments to researching treatment options, to simply holding their hand. We care about them, and want to do whatever we can to support them in their health and wellbeing.

When Nathaniel Chin, already a doctor in emergency medicine, found that his father had received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, he shifted his focus to geriatrics in an aim to support the research and treatment of dementia and other types of cognitive disease.

It is estimated that nearly 6 million Americans are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, making it the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Working with the University of Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute, as well as The Initiative to End Alzheimer’s, Dr. Chin has spearheaded the podcast, Dementia Matters. On it he and his guests cover topics including signs and symptoms of disease, disease management, research, and even tips for those caregivers who are looking for support in the community.

Dr. Chin notes that as someone who has a very personal connection to Alzheimer’s, he often elicits surprise from the guests on his show, and even from his patients. “I know from experience…what it’s like to watch your loved one change.” All too often patients and their family members leave the doctor’s office feeling as if they are reduced to a disease profile rather than receiving unique, individualized care. It is Dr. Chin’s genuine, heartfelt approach that makes his podcast not only informative, but ultimately relatable as a fellow human being trying his best to make a positive change in the world.

Key Topics

  • Introducing Nathaniel. [00:47]
  • How Nathaniel became involved in geriatric health and Alzheimer’s. [01:42]
  • The prevalence of irreputable information. [03:10]
  • Nathaniel’s background in medicine. [04:12]
  • The complex nuances of Alzheimer’s disease. [05:25]
  • The personal experience Nathaniel has had and how that helps him relate to his patients and podcast guests. [06:50]
  • The driving force behind starting a podcast, and how they strive to make complex information easily digestible. [09:12]
  • Dementia Matters’ audience. [12:01]
  • The challenges that come with creating a podcast (or, have assistants). [13:11]
  • Advice for creating a podcast. [14:44]
  • How the show’s listeners have created community. [15:20]
  • Information about University of Wisconsin Initiative to End Alzheimer’s. [16:23]
  • Resources and how you can contribute. [17:30]

See the show notes and transcript at http://www.causepods.org/podcast/nathaniel-chin-dementia-matters-podcast

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