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Plain Ordinary Dragon - Elliott Clifton EPISODE 3, 2nd September 2019
More Plain Ordinary Conversations with Donnie Lee
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More Plain Ordinary Conversations with Donnie Lee

Welcome Dragons!

Today we are in for a real treat. We are lucky enough to have caught up with the infamous Donnie Lee. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person you are about to have a really fun trip. You see, the truth of it is this: you don't meet Donnie - you experience him. He pulls no punches. None. What you see, or in this case - hear, is what you get. You don't find conversations anywhere any more open & honest than this one - or really, any conversation you have with him. And it is delightfully fun with stories & quatables you are not likely to forget ever. When we get together the conversations can go on for days, and they would if life didn't get in the way.

Donnie is, in my opinion, a YouTube or podcast star in the making. He is gold. He is so money. Okay, I'm sure I should do the respectable thing & tell you we discuss his journey from tiny Western Grove, Arkansas to being the Distance Learning guy in the state & then watching it disappear almost overnight due to the breakneck speed of technological advances. Oh yeah, did I mention he's also a musician? He was one of the first drummers I worked with in a band. Even then, you could tell he was special & had sick talent (for the old fogies, sick is a term that means amazing - for the young ones out there, yes I know that's an old fogie term to you - it's all perspective).

I could go on & on as Donnie is one of my favorite folks ever. He is what I seriously call My Brother from Another Mother. Speaking of mothers - be aware this episode has adult language - NSFW (Not Safe for Work) - not safe for kids under 18. If adult language & themes offend you or your sensibilities you might be exactly the kind of person who should hear this episode, or maybe not - like with everything in life - the choice is yours. Choose wisely.