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The Conversion Choreography Show - Anna Iveson EPISODE 17, 12th January 2021
017 - Think you don’t have time to create beautiful, engaging content? How this busy mum of two is crushing it on social media
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017 - Think you don’t have time to create beautiful, engaging content? How this busy mum of two is crushing it on social media

A few months ago, I spoke to a client who made a surprising confession about her social media content.

At the time I was amused…

But it turns out she isn’t the only one who frantically throws together her daily social media content while hiding out in the bathroom, before her kids wake up.  In fact, winging it seems to be most people’s default when it comes to content creation.

Trouble is, winging it can create a number of problems, which dramatically lower the impact of your marketing efforts.  It’s why you need a plan.  But it’s not always easy to come up with a solid and consistent plan to market your products and services.  Or to stick to it.

Especially when you’re already juggling 1,001 things in your business and day-to-day life.  

I’m joined today by a special guest who has all the right answers to help you solve your social media headaches. Jennifer Kolbuc is a veteran social media expert.  

After a decade managing social media campaigns for high profile companies, she now helps online entrepreneurs scale their businesses through social media consultancy, coaching and online programmes. 

In this episode, Jennifer shares her best tips and strategies to help you create beautiful, high-value content without burning yourself out even if you feel like you don’t have time.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The simple mindset shift that lets you create dialled-in social media content even if you’ve struggled to stay consistent in the past 
  • The No.1 energy suck that prevents online entrepreneurs from making an impact with their marketing - it’s super easy to avoid, IF you stop it before it takes hold
  • The free tool that makes your content ideas burst out more freely than f-bombs in an East End dive bar
  • The weird place thousands of entrepreneurs go to create their social media content - and why it could be hurting your business more than you think 
  • How to create a never-ending supply of insta-perfect photos even if you don’t have time to wash or get dressed 
  • What is UGC and how did Jennifer use it to grow her client’s account from 1,800 to 44,000 followers without straining to create unique content?
  • The best way to boost your post engagement and get seen by more of your dream clients - do this while enjoying your morning cuppa  
  • Why digital marketers can’t afford to ignore TikTok even if your audience doesn’t hang out there 

Grab Jennifer’s Resources 

Visit Jennifer’s website at www.mountaintopconsulting.ca 

For more information on her social media packages:  https://mountaintopconsulting.ca/social-media-packages/ 

To download your copy of Jennifer’s free content calendar, visit https://www.subscribepage.com/2021-content-calendar 

Check out Jennifer’s Hashtag Workbook and Workshop HERE 

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