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Succeed Through Speaking - Tom Bailey EPISODE 66, 3rd August 2021
How to Rocket Your Sales - With Joe Pardo
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How to Rocket Your Sales - With Joe Pardo

Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, interviews Joe Pardo.

A Profit Growth Strategist, “Super” Joe Pardo brings a series of strategy, application, and execution planning to every entrepreneur, team, or business that he works with. Founder of The Super Joe Pardo Show and the Independent Creator Conference, Joe focuses on putting the right methods into the best practices in order to bring about personalized solutions for each client.

Joe focuses on designing individual solutions to accelerate growth with each client. It is a team effort and not an expired template approach that has allowed his journey to help the widest array of businesses at all levels.


Why you've got to check out Joe's episode:

- Learn how Joe works with small to medium business owners who are typically the 'king-pin' in their business and the business value revolves around the founder and owner of the business.

- How and why business owners need to get out of their own way when it comes to scaling the business for growth and learning how to let go.

- Understand the difference between the exterior of your business versus the complexity of how your business operates from the inside and the importance of managing your internal resources very carefully, including the time, people, money and energy.

- The piece of advice that Joe gives business owners and why it's important to recognise that if starting a business was easy, everybody would do it. Finally, how important it is that you recognise that being right isn't what is important. Instead, what is important is getting the right answer.

- Get access to Joe's five proven methods that Joe uses to help his clients sky rocket their business.

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