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The Lost Omens Podcast Episode 162: Season One Finale!
Episode 16222nd January 2024 • The Lost Omens Podcast • The Professional Casual Network
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This week on Episode 162 of The Lost Omens Podcast, it's the season finale! Everyone gets into their feelings BIG TIME as conflicts are resolved, goodbyes are said, and everyone adjust to Xa'Reskes newly molted look. From "Good" GM Dani, thank you so much for listening and for the support of this first season of The Lost Omens Podcast; it isn't "goodbye," it's "later, nerds!"

Mudd rounds up, Kurva passes the torch, Xa'Reske writes scriptures, and Brennen has BIG plans.

Join us as we continue with our play through of the Extinction Curse Adventure Path.



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