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Architecture Social - Stephen Drew EPISODE 32, 22nd November 2020
Talk: Dominic Hailey, Collado Collins
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Talk: Dominic Hailey, Collado Collins

Last Friday I spoke to Dominic Hailey from Collado Collins about retirement communities, elderly living, falling in and out of love with architecture.

"Dominic joined ColladoCollins as a Senior Architect in 2015, taking a lead role in the management and delivery of projects from inception to completion. Dominic has a central role within the practice, providing technical advice from the earliest stages of scheme design to ensure deliverability. He is currently responsible for a significant development in Stanmore for the over 65's, providing 101 independent living dwellings and 70 private apartments."

Join us for an open conversation and you can say hello to Dominic here: http://www.colladocollins.com/practice/people/dominic-hailey as well as check out the Just Living publication here: https://www.colladocollins.com/publications/2019/just-living