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Giving our Projects a Beautiful Ending - End of S1 Reflections Part 3
Episode 1121st September 2022 • Knowing When to Quit • Sarah Weiler
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Hello! Welcome back.

In between Series 1 and 2 I've taken some time to reflect on my own journey with Quitting since the podcast began in November 2020.

In Part 1 I looked at the podcast itself and use the Quitting Quadrantl® Framework to map my journey from Beginners' Flow, to Midway Burnout...

In Part 2 I reflected on two big life changes that I was committed to starting in 2021 but that in the end I didn't go through with.

In Part 3 I talk about 'Beautiful Endings' and the importance of ending projects with grace and celebration in order to honour what has been created. I share the experience of closing my comedy night after 7 years, and of reimagining my fortnightly Moon Group.

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