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S3 E7 - Should I just quit and become a freelancer? With Anna Codrea-Rado
Episode 723rd October 2023 • Knowing When to Quit • Sarah Weiler
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Always wanted to go freelance? Today I'm talking to Anna Codrea-Rado - a journalist, podcaster and campaigner, whose writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and many others. I brought Anna on as a specialist in working life and freelancing. She's the author of 'You're The Business' - a book which supports people to make it alone. She knows the questions to ask if you're thinking of making the switch, and is realistic about the struggles as well as celebrating the real highs that come with a more autonomous lifestyle.

In today's episode we discuss:

📆 Anna relationship to 'being busy'

📋 What made Anna go 'properly freelance' in 2017

✋ The difference between being pushed or pulled to freelancing

🧑🏻‍💻 The burnout that comes with being public-facing and why Anna has taken a break

🧠 Why Anna now charges for people to 'pick her brains'

🛑 Quitting and un-quitting her newsletter

⚓️ What an 'anchor client' is and why you need one as a freelancer

Anna on X and IG: @annacod

Anna's Book: 'You're the Business'

Anna's Podcast: 'Is This Working?'

Knowing When to Quit - Instagram - @knowingwhentoquit

Podcast homepage -

Editor - Johnny Hall / Music - Sarah Weiler / Artwork - Tom Pauling

This was recorded in May 2023 over Zoom

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