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Pod22 Travel Podcast - Stay22 EPISODE 9, 30th March 2021
Vincent Brunet-Dupont | Creating Immersive Experiences in VR | Trebuchet
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Vincent Brunet-Dupont | Creating Immersive Experiences in VR | Trebuchet

Vincent Brunet-Dupont is the CEO and co-Founder of Trebuchet, a Montreal development studio that specializes in VR games and experiences.

Vincent grew up on the south shore of Montreal. From an early age, movies and video production fascinated him. During a personality test at school, he scored high in the artistic, entrepreneur and social categories - the final sign that he should look at a career in the film industry. He enrolled in Film Production at the University of Concordia and graduated in 2013.

After developing a film coop called “On est 10” with fellow graduates, he decided to move in to the VR gaming space, and co-founded Trebuchet in 2017. Their first game, Prison Boss VR was released on Steam on in August of 2017. Transforming your living room into a prison cell, the goal of the game is to win enough social point by performing certain tasks without getting caught (for example, rolling cigarettes to sell), and ultimately become the Prison boss.

Using room scale intelligently led to the creating of Jousting Time, an interactive VR jousting show match game. During the process, they launched a Kickstarter, and a toured video arcades across Japan and South Korea. Trebuchet plans to launch their next game, Winds and Leaves, in the Spring of 2021. Much like their previous works, Winds and Leaves promises to be an impactful game by giving you the ability to roam through various biomes, and bring back life one seed at a time.

Winds and Leaves Trailer

Jousting Time Kickstarter Video

Interested in partnering with Trebuchet? You can reach Vincent by email at vincent@trebuchet.fun

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