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Pod22 Travel Podcast - Stay22 EPISODE 7, 28th February 2021
Mike Petrakis | Celebrations in a post-Corona World | BACH
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Mike Petrakis | Celebrations in a post-Corona World | BACH

Mike Petrakis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bach. BACH is a mobile app for groups planning bachelor and bachelorette parties to discover and book incredible experiences. Growing up in Philadelphia, Mike had a love for the outdoors and playing competitive sports which ultimately led to his passion for entrepreneurship.

While in college, he broke his neck during a snowboarding accident, and the experience changed his perspective on life. While his friends were at school partying, he was at home for a year thinking about his future and how he could make the most out of his career after his near-death accident.

His entrepreneurial journey started shortly after graduating from college while building ecommerce businesses in New York City. After running through the trials and tribulations of building startup apparel businesses, he was ready for his next challenge. He saw an explosive growth opportunity when exploring the BACH idea. He was intrigued by the wide open market opportunity and the ability to scale user growth quickly. With the help of his partner Greg Ramey, the team built the BACH MVP and launched their Beta product in January 2020. They quickly saw the virility of the product, gaining 150,000 users in their first 60 days from launch.

And then the pandemic hit. The timing couldn’t have been worse; the future seemed macabre. The BACH team saw the timing of this as an opportunity, as the world was on pause they learned from the data they gathered from their launch and used it to reinvent their product and expand the marketplace. Since then, Bach has expanded from three to fourteen cities across the US and now offers over 1500 curtailed experiences. The team is very excited to launch bookable accommodations this coming March as well.

The BACH team is beginning to see signs of a travel boom; their app is gaining three thousand parties a week and excited for the year ahead. Being recently accepted into Stanford’s StartX program and the tailwind of a travel comeback behind them, they are positioning themselves well to have an explosive summer in bookings. If you want to talk to Mike or the rest of the BACH team, you can reach them info@thebach.com