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Capital Musings - UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) EPISODE 1, 20th September 2019
#1 Welcome to Capital Musings
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#1 Welcome to Capital Musings

In the inaugural episode of Capital Musings, Esther Pan Sloane, Head of Partnerships, Policy and Communications for UNCDF, addresses a critical question in the area of sustainable development: with a global financial ecosystem that possesses abundant levels of capital, why is much of that capital not reaching the least-developed countries in the world where it is needed the most? Esther also discusses the importance of leveraging private capital and innovative finance in order to achieve the SDGs, as well as the mission and mandate of UNCDF.

Capital Musings is a production of the Partnerships, Policy and Communications unit of the United Nations Capital Development Fund and UN Web TV.

Producers: Victoria Guridi, Fernando Zarauz, Carlos Macias

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