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Divided by Brand - Daniel Ocock EPISODE 17, 28th September 2020
The celebrity brand of a lifetime
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The celebrity brand of a lifetime

Spotlight guest

On this episode I feature Taiisha Bradley. Taiisha is a celebrity publicist, consultant, coach, and she advises creative entrepreneurs on how to generate, leverage, and repurpose media coverage for business and personal brands. This is a truly fascinating insight into how Taiisha's life business and brand have been shaped by her upbringing, in particular by having a celebrity as a close family member. We talk about black business community and entrepreneurship, along with podcasting, branding and "staying in your magic” and doing what just what feels good.


Meichelle Gibson

Big V - Nappy Roots

Modern Noire

Taiisha Bio:

Born to make headlines, Taiisha Bradley is the Publicist and Creative Strategist you find when you when your business or brand needs a catalytic boost to make it to the next level.  

A visionary creative whose name will be spoken alongside the most celebrated communicators of her time, Taiisha stays abreast of modern media and communication that allows her to always be ready for the next big trend in the business world. With her incomparable formula for publicity strategy, creative design, and a network of A-List clients, colleagues, and media connections, Taiisha is Unstoppable!

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About the show

Divided by Brand is a show for entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers who find themselves at a point on their own journey Divided by Brand. Produced by Daniel Ocock a brand identity specialist with over 20 years design experience and founder of Vie Design Co. This is a chance to hear first hand about real life brand dividing challenges. Particularly those key moments when you hit a wall with what your brand should be or even what your brand has become. It’s the perfect show for business minded individuals who are facing their own brand challenges.

Listen on your commute, in the car or those moments when you just need something new to focus on. Featuring branding insights. A ‘Boldest Brand' of the week plus spotlight guest interviews. Go behind the scenes of personal branding, corporate branding, branding for artists, creatives and even streamers. Listen to first hand accounts of what happens when you get branding right, and what happens when you get it wrong.

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