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Creating the conditions for well-being in climate work with Jeanette Bronée
Episode 401st August 2023 • The Carbon Connection • The Carbon Almanac Network
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Jeanette Bronée is a Carbon Almanac Network member and helped facilitate partnerships. In this episode, she offers insight into team building and how to create the conditions that sustain corporate teams in their climate work. Community-based organizations can also apply Jeanette's principles.

Jeanette Bronée is a global keynote and two-time TEDx Speaker, culture strategist, and author of The Self-Care Mindset.

Jeanette is rethinking self-care in the workplace as the foundation for peak performance, engagement, and a culture where people belong and work better together.

As an internationally recognized self-care mindset expert, she has spoken at the United Nations, given keynotes across the US, and spoken to audiences on five continents. She shares the tools to reclaim agency and cultivate the human connection that helps us communicate and collaborate with curiosity and care to navigate challenges, innovate, and grow stronger together in our constantly changing reality. 

She gives us the C.A.R.E.-driven framework so we can change our relationship with self-care at work in order to be busy and healthy at the same time, cultivating a culture where people create impact and sustainable success together. Her clients include IBM, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech, Microsoft, Facebook, ebay, Siemens, and more. 

Her new book, "The Self-Care Mindset, Rethinking How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being and Reclaim Work-Life Quality," is a book of tools to harness our human advantage to grow through adversity.  


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