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14. We're Back On-Air!
Episode 1412th August 2020 • What’s the buzz? • WPGU 107.1 FM
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In this bittersweet episode of "What's the buzz?" the buzz team says goodbye to Liam as he finishes his time with buzz and ventures out into the adult world. We want to thank Liam for his work on the show, and we will miss his humor, hot takes and upbeat personality. We know he will do incredible things outside of buzz, and we cannot wait to see what he achieves. This is also the last "What's the buzz?" episode of the season, and this week, Jill, Carolina, Becca and Liam talk all about going back to school amidst the craziness of COVID-19. They share college advice for incoming freshmen about how to handle the college transition as well as talk about some of their go-to spots on the U of I campus. They also discuss the importance of mental and physical health, especially during these stressful times, and they share some of their tips for maintaining physical and mental health during college. Lastly, they talk about their plans for the upcoming semester and how they're preparing for online classes. You can check out everyone's "back to school" songs on the buzz Spotify @buzzmagcu and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@buzzpodcastcu on all platforms). We'll be back on the air at WPGU 107.1 soon, so be on the lookout! Special thanks to WPGU 107.1 for making this podcast possible.


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