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What’s the buzz? - WPGU 107.1 EPISODE 3, 17th September 2020
2.3 September 16 Radio Show Recap
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2.3 September 16 Radio Show Recap

Last night was our second show of the season where shared some of our favorite fall songs in preparation for fall next week. We also talked about the the devastating wildfires spreading throughout California. This also led into a discussion of a gender reveal party in California that also resulted in a huge fire. We also stressed the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential election and shared some tips for first-time voters. We then dug into the ways COVID-19 has been affecting the fashion industry and specifically what we've been wearing over the past few months. Then, we discussed the People Over Profit protest that took place this week on the quad that demanded a 30% refund as well as other demands regarding the University and COVID-19. Lastly, we previewed buzz's upcoming Dining Guide, which will come out next week. To hear more from us, tune into "What's the buzz?" every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. on WPGU 107.1, and check out our song picks on our Spotify, @buzzmagcu. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @buzzpodcastcu. Special thanks to WPGU 107.1 for making this podcast and show possible.

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