EP 95 How to Support Our Postpartum Bodies & Hormones with Dr. Heather Rhodes
12th October 2021 • Legacy through Motherhood • Stephanie Sims
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In this episode, Stephanie sits down with Dr. Heather Rhodes and talks all things postpartum & hormones. This conversation is important because when we are postpartum our hormones are all over the place. Though we can't change what this season does to our bodies (freaks it out) we can help support our bodies in simple ways.

Allllll the things Dr. Heather Rhodes talked about in this episode:

First, Sign-up for her free class happening on 10/13/2021


*LMNT (saltwater we talked about)

*Redlight therapy is great for nursing

*Organ Complex Capsules (PaleoValley is what Dr. Heather uses - but they are sold out at the moment)

*Use blue light blockers to minimize stress

*Add seaweed to meals!!

*Women (esp postpartum) are typically deficient in magnesium

*Mudwtr is what I drink now that I've given up coffee (I use my creamer still + some honey and it's delish!!)

*Pink Stork supplements are one of Dr. Heather's favorite supplement brands (mine too!)