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Running Your Business Legally with Greenville's Chace Law S1 E6
Episode 620th August 2020 • Greenville Small Business • Stefan Holt
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What do reuben sandwiches have to do with legally running your business? Find out with Chace Law on this episode of the Greenville Small Business Podcast. Learn why business law is one part priest, one part therapist, and one part lawyer.

Chace Law

Greenville Chamber of Commerce

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The Greenville Small Business Podcast was started to help new entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the tricky world of business in Greenville County, SC. We discuss problems that most every new business faces and how to work through them. We encourage small business owners in Greenville County to take advantage of all the available resources and we hope to speak with many of the people that provide them. Use this as a forum to help your business get started, grow, and become successful.

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