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44 - The Importance of Branding and Learning from Others in Business with The Marketing Shop's Vicky Winkler
6th December 2023 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Your host, Craig Andrews, talks with the Owner of The Marketing Shop, Vicky Winkler. Vicky is no stranger to the marketing world. With a career spanning over three decades, she has seen it all. From her time in Nicaragua as a small business consultant to her tenure at Saturn Corporation, Vicky's experiences have shaped her unique approach to marketing and branding.

She firmly believes in the power of branding and graphic design as key drivers of business success. According to Vicky, many businesses underestimate the impact of these elements, which can result in them falling behind their competitors.

Vicky's experience at Saturn Corporation provided another valuable lesson. The company used an ad agency that none of the other car companies had used, incorporating unique elements like the iconic voice of Hal Riney in their marketing.

Vicky emphasized the importance of understanding your target market and tailoring your branding and messaging to their preferences and interests. She shared an example of a client who wanted to brand their new company based on their personal preferences. However, Vicky advised that it's crucial to align the brand with the target audience's preferences and expectations, not just personal likes and dislikes.

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