#12: DoorDash & Food-Convenience Culture: My Spicy Thoughts On Western Society's Kitchen & Cooking Devolution
Episode 1215th March 2023 • The Cervical Wellness Podcast • Denell Randall
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This episode is a little spicy and is me on a soapbox about the importance of cooking foods at home.

I share about an experience I had cooking some meals for a friend who is a brand new Mother, and learning that I was the ONLY person out of the entire meal-train to bring her home-cooked food.

I talk about how FOOD and our CULTURE are deeply intertwined and bring to question about the state of our society if food culture is headed more deeply towards fast and convenient.

I share tips on how to make cooking food at home easier and what to think about when planning food for yourself and your family.

And more!

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