#22: The Power of Forethought: My Preconception, Conception & Pregnancy Journey and How It Relates to My Approach to the Womb Continuum
Episode 2230th November 2023 • The Cervical Wellness Podcast • Denell Randall
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In this episode I dive into my 3.5 year preconception -> conception -> pregnancy -> post-partum prep journey, and how the concept of FORETHOUGHT was the under-current through all the phases.

In an age of instant gratification and diminished ability to focus, our innate cognitive ability of forethought is like a superpower.

Forethought is what I mean when I say 'setting ourselves up for success'.

It's thinking about and planning for the future (knowing we cannot control the future or how it unfolds) but knowing we CAN influence it with our actions TODAY.

Forethought for our pelvic well-being and the willingness to include it in our daily mental load is something I cannot recommend enough.

We can even set forth and do bulk-thinking/planning all at once for an extended period of time (ie. Planning out to-do's, actions, shopping lists, what needs to be prepped for a week/month/season period of time).

While doing this may feel like a chore in the process (so...much...thinking...), it actually provides more spaciousness and peace for ourselves in the future when we're undergoing a new phase of our journey.

This what makes when I say 'just do one thing a day on behalf of your cervix' to my clients do-able: using our precious life-commodity of TIME and FOCUS in thought to plan and prepare ourselves to be able to make it happen.

Where we don't actually need to think about it every day if we've already taken the time to think about and prep/plan for it in the past, and are able to benefit from it in the NOW.

Forethought is a superpower that we can tap into to set ourselves up for success no matter where we're at on the cervical healing journey or pelvic well-being journey.

This is when we can truly embody the phrase 'Your future self will thank you'.


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