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Transform ‘Pressure into Pleasure’ Freedom awaits those who are READY!
Episode 1629th June 2022 • The Aligned Way • Kelly Vikings
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Sharing this divinely guided episode, tapping into the energy of today’s New Moon.

A gorgeous Cancerian vibe, I share great insights into the water sign, which is fiercely protective over both family and home.


Today we turn ‘Pressure into Pleasure.’ Learning the art of mastering the ‘Law of Subtraction.’ Cleansing, deeper awareness & letting go of what is NO longer serving you.

We share all things ALIGNMENT and how our awareness supports our soul alignment both internally & externally. How we can tap into this fiery energy of the New Moon to make aligned choices and decisions that serve us. Stepping away from lower vibrations and avoidance of doing anything… NOW it is time to make those changes for you!


Imagine your life, soul aligned, and working in Divine Harmony, Flow FOR YOU!

This episode shares how you can absolutely paint that NEW picture today.







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