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Curiosity Key - listen to innovators, change-makers and curious thinkers making the world a better place - Charlie Whyman EPISODE 38, 11th November 2020
Looking beyond Zoom - how to get more out of online events and networking with Bradley Hatchett
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Looking beyond Zoom - how to get more out of online events and networking with Bradley Hatchett

Events and Networking have been key marketing and business development strategies for years so how do you translate this and get results online? Bradley Hatchett was faced with a challenge at the start of Lockdown in March and had to completely rethink his business model. 

Bradley and his team are now creating a storm in the online eventing space and are doing so using a tool called Remo. In this episode we discuss the benefits of networking as a marketing strategy as well as some key dos and don’ts when it comes to doing it online. 

Bradley talks us through the decisions he made at the start of lockdown around how he adapted his business so quickly, how he handled objections from regular clients as well as seeking feedback at every step of the way.

To download the free pdf that was referenced in this episode visit: www.charliewhyman.com/resources/ or view the show notes on the website www.charliewhyman.com/podcast/  

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