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Paperless Movement - Dr. Thomas Roedl EPISODE 12, 25th November 2020
Nimbus Note vs Evernote - Interview with CEO Pavel Shcherbakov
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Nimbus Note vs Evernote - Interview with CEO Pavel Shcherbakov

Nimbus Note is a good Evernote alternative. In this interview with CEO and founder Pavel Shcherbakov, we'll surface, how good it really is!

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About Pavel Shcherbakov (his own words):

"Do you dream about transforming your information chaos from multiple sources into one organized workplace? We have a solution.

Since 2005, I have been pursuing Internet business and staying on top of trends and services to develop wide-reaching and useful products that have a high impact on and improve user experience.

I am the founder and CEO of Nimbus Web Inc, a business venture that integrates note-taking, screencasting, task management, and bookmark visualization, and which provides services to over a million users daily. Nimbus at present has three components, Nimbus Note, Nimbus Threads, and Nimbus Capture, which allow users to take, organize, attach, and share notes; create tasks and collaborate with other users; retain full flexibility in recording videos and taking screenshots.

Let's revolutionize the way we take notes together—we are always open to your suggestions on how to increase productivity with effective note-taking!"

Learn more about Nimbus Note: Get Nimbus Note: https://pplmvm.com/NimbusNote


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