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How The Mom Life Done Right Podcast Can Help You!
Trailer1st November 2022 • Mom Life Done Right • Elizabeth Curtiss
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Do you want to feel like your best self? And not that pre-kids version of your best self, but the post-kids self who’s confident, comfortable in your own skin and rockin your best life? You can. Pinky-promise. You deserve your best version of Mom Life Done Right.

This podcast, Mom Life Done Right, is for stressed-out, too busy, overwhelmed moms. Our idea is to start with you, and who you really are, so that the simple suggestions we give make life easier without a big battle of willpower.

I’m your host, Elizabeth Curtiss, and a mom of 2. I’m a certified Birkman Method Coach and the founder of Happy Mom Life Lab - a science-based coaching and education company for overly busy, stressed-out moms.

After a near death experience, I vowed to stop chasing happiness and the good life. Instead of yearning for fulfillment I decided to create the life I always wanted using science to shape my outlook. My results? Richer relationships, boosted energy and productivity, and a dramatically increased sense of fulfillment and happiness.

I’m living proof that clarity and the right path can change everything and I’m ready to help you shift to a better way. The Mom Life Done Right podcast is about getting your life to work for you. It’s about helping moms in a world of too much information, fatigue and anxiety. What makes the Mom Life Done Right podcast unique? We use scientific evidence. There’s a lot of well-intended misinformation out there when it comes to happiness, gratitude and overwhelm. Teaching from personal experience isn’t always enough - you need scientific backing, proven practices, certifications and credentials. 

It’s been scientifically proven that strong relationships and personal fulfillment matter most, so that’s what the Mom Life Done Right podcast focuses on. With science and proven practices, you can curate your everyday life so you can focus on what matters - relationships and a purpose filled life.

What can you expect from the Mom Life Done Right podcast?

  • Quick lessons and on-the-go episodes
  • Weekly episodes releasing on Thursday’s beginning June 23, 2022
  • Actionable steps to building a fulfilling life
  • Podcast episodes will focus on curating everyday life so that women can focus on what science says matter most - relationships and personal fulfillment
  • A focus on leveraging your strengths to create your own version of Mom Life Done Right

If you are ready to create a happier life so you can be the mom and you woman you want to be, subscribe to the Mom Life Done Right podcast on your favorite listening app and join me over on to learn more today.