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While Doing Laundry - Emily Edwards RN EPISODE 4, 24th February 2021
Racism in Canadian Doula Education
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Racism in Canadian Doula Education

In this episode, get ready to get uncomfortable. I am discussing the dangerous trend of performative allyship and marketing and how it is showing up in Canadian doula training organizations. 

In this week’s episode discover more about:

  • Who is King Yaa + why their work important
  • Why I’m not certified
  • How financial support is weaponized by white-led organizations against BIPOC students
  • How to question and not cancel to support actual change

Follow King Yaa’s Story here: https://www.instagram.com/queerbirthworker

Links mentioned in this episode:

King Yaa’s Birthing Beyond the Binary


White Feminism by Koa Beck


Birthing Advocacy Doula Training


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