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Outspoken with Shana Cosgrove - Shana Cosgrove EPISODE 12, 15th June 2021
At The Table : Cathy King, Software Developer and Project Manager at 20/10 Solutions
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At The Table : Cathy King, Software Developer and Project Manager at 20/10 Solutions

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Cathy King, Software Developer and Project Manager at 20/10 Solutions about the power of being a working mother. Shana and Cathy discuss growing up together as next door neighbors, the impact of Nyla’s wise words, and the value of geeking out with coworkers. Cathy imparts advice on a wide range of topics from staying relevant in your field to making time for your children as a working parent.


  • "I just remember one time - and this stuck in my head - Nyla said, ‘Hey Cathy, you know that you could be a mother, but you can also have a career. You know that don't you?’” - Cathy King [03:53]
  • “I felt, ‘Am I going to be able to do this?’ and then it clicked. And that was like, ‘I can do this’. I was probably about your age then. ‘I can learn this,’ and I did.” - Cathy King [20:30]
  • “You have to pat yourself on the back because I don’t think people get what you do, and it’s like that with a lot of things. You know, I don’t know how airplanes fly, I just get on it and want it to work. When you put something together, especially if you’re doing web programming, there can be no errors.” - Cathy King [22:43]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [00:53] Meet Cathy King
  • [02:45] Cathy and Shana’s Mother
  • [05:29] When Cathy First Realized that she Excelled at Math
  • [06:47] Interest in Computer Science
  • [08:26] How Cathy put Herself Through School
  • [08:56] Life After Graduation
  • [09:42] McDonnell Douglas
  • [11:00] Talking Salary
  • [11:29] Meeting her Husband
  • [12:39] Leaving Pittsburgh for California
  • [13:28] Life as a Working Mother
  • [16:33] Software Advantage
  • [18:45] Keeping up with Technology
  • [21:20] Cyber-Security Coding
  • [21:37] Geeking out With a Friend
  • [23:04] Working for her Brother
  • [23:59] Careers of Cathy’s Children
  • [25:13] Book Recommendation
  • [26:16] Being Strong
  • [26:43] Best Advice Cathy Ever Received
  • [28:08] Tips on Being Working Parents and Marriage
  • [29:54] Love of Sports and Basketball
  • [30:18] Shana on how Cathy Inspired her
  • [31:34] Outro




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Live well, Shana

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