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New Year’s Goals – How to get started and stick with it
Episode 5516th December 2021 • The PJ Wellness Show • Coach Patrick
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The year is almost over and the new one is just around the corner. That said, it's time for New Year's resolutions again!

But isn't it always the same? You firmly commit to exercising, losing weight, or quitting smoking. In the first two weeks, you are highly motivated, but by week three at the latest, you revert to your old self. 

So that this doesn't happen to you this year, I have put together the best plan and tips so that you can finally make good resolutions this year that stick.

The most common intentions are:

  1. Avoiding or reducing stress: 62%
  2. Spending more time with friends and family: 60%
  3. Exercising more or doing more sport: 57%
  4. Have more time for yourself: 51%
  5. Eating healthier: 49%
  6. Lose weight: 34%

Why resolutions fail

The most common reasons why resolutions fail are: You take on too much before and your planned resolutions are not realistic, rather, you decide on a whim without a plan..

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to first take a good look at your behavior and achievements over the past year. Look at the good moments, what you have achieved, and also your shortcomings. With this in mind, you can work specifically on your goals for the new year. This approach is more effective than vague resolutions such as "I want to exercise more".

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Do not undertake too much. Implementing a New Year's resolution takes a lot of strength and willpower. So it's best to stick with one!  Make goals for different areas of your life.

There is also the so-called irony effect, which says that the harder you plan to never do something again, the more likely it is that you will do it again. Make your New Year's resolutions positive. For example, don't say "I never want to be lazy again" but "I want to move more". 

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