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The PJ Wellness Show - Patrick & Jo-Anna EPISODE 44, 26th July 2021
Finding You: Self-Aware vs Self-Absorbed
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Finding You: Self-Aware vs Self-Absorbed

Hey there,

Welcome back to our PJ Wellness Show!

We are really psyched about the SCRY series, & the great feedback we’ve gotten from our followers. If you’ve got some ideas you’d like o share on this or any other topic, just email us at PJ@BeyoneYourScale.com, & we’ll be happy to engage!

Today, we're adding the final letter in our SCRY For Success series-Y for You!.We'll be exploring lots of ideas you may have thought of, but perhaps didn't put into play.

We want you to have as many options as possible as you approach your goals & tackle the challenges. Becoming familiar with who you are: the good,bad & everything else- is an important first step.

So, stay tuned for insights into Finding You, & the benefits you can reap once you do!

TakeAway Tip: Be realistic in your assessment of who you are, it makes all the difference. And, if you need back-up, don't be afraid to reach out!

Here’s the link on a great article, breaking down the elements on self-awareness & self-absorption & much more. Very cool!


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Best, Patrick & Jo-Anna