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The PJ Wellness Show - Patrick & Jo-Anna EPISODE 34, 15th April 2021
Hacks For People Who Hate To Cook
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Hacks For People Who Hate To Cook

Happy Thursday all! Glad to have you back with us. We’ve been laughing all week as we compared notes on our trials & tribulations in the kitchen!

We’ve had very different experiences, but have come to the same conclusions: If you want to live a healthier-happier life, you’ll eventually have to make peace & friends with your kitchen!

In today’s podcast, we’ll be touching on a few ideas we covered in our Sunday blog. You can access everything with the link in our Show Notes if you missed it, & in our Essential Kitchen Series that will definitely give you a cutting edge-pardon the cutlery pun, when you decide to conquer your kitchen. 

You can check out our 4-part series, with the blog & podcast combo’ed for your convenience, on our new Living Well Community Facebook page.

We give you a comprehensive A-Z on everything you need to know to master your kitchen duties!

We chat about all the tips you’ve been looking for: from crock-pots & grilling, to microwaves & shopping-& of course, meal prep & supplies.

Turns out, eating at home is the most cost-effective & healthiest way to go-it's a fact.

Tune in & make your kitchen duties healthier & happier! We’ve also put the direct link to another blog/podcast combo we did on “Cooking & The Hidden Gifts”.

Since cooking & kitchen tours are a big part of everyone’s lifestyle, we keep finding ways for you to explore the territory & enjoy it more!

Our TakeAway Tip this week? We've just added scads of new recipes to our kitchen. They’re broken down by categories. Starters & sides, entrees, one-pan recipes, desserts & more!

Click here for our complete collection. Just click & scroll until you find a recipe you’ve never tried before.

Bon Appetit! Best, Patrick & Jo-Anna

Kitchen Gadgets-From our 4-part Essential Kitchen Series. And finally, for more ideas to help you love being in your kitchen, here's the link to Our Shop.