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Do I have Chronic Stress? Early signs and why you should fight it early on
Episode 657th July 2022 • Live More Stress Less • Coach Patrick
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Welcome to my podcast "Do I have Chronic Stress? Early signs and why you should fight it early on ."

Today’s podcast follows up on my blog How Do I Overcome Anxiety Naturally?

When the stress just gets too much

Stress itself is a normal, physiological process. However, if the organism no longer manages to face the permanent demands and strains caused by positive stress reactions, stress can become chronic. When stress gets out of balance, it impacts the body and the psyche.

Life would not be possible without stress. Acute stress is a vital response to various stimuli and stresses on the organism. But chronic stress can spiral upwards. You experience your own stress reactions, but you cannot influence them or turn off the stress factors, the so-called stressors. As a result, your own stress itself leads to stress. Even smaller stimuli are enough to trigger a new stress reaction. The consequences can be detrimental to your health and life-altering.

In this podcast, I will explain the symptoms, possible consequences, and how to avoid daily stress becoming chronic.

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