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Leveling Up: How to Build Relationships and Expand Your Brand with Greg Wasserman
Episode 108th April 2024 • The Lazy Overachiever • Naketa Ren Thigpen
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Sometimes we have to get real and raw with ourselves about what’s holding us back from going all out and leveling up! When you are exhausted or have limited energy capacity, it can be difficult to stay consistent, especially around creating meaningful connections. Today, we talk to Greg Wasserman, the Head of Growth, Partnerships and Community at Castmagic, who is walking his talk and living out his motto, that “Life is about Time & Relationships, you never know where a conversation today will take you in the future.” In this episode Greg talks about how to integrate building relationships as a method for expanding your brand, saving you time that allows you to embrace the power that fuels being a lazy overachiever…your inner brilliance.

Time Stamps:

00:00 AI tool that saves time and supports your authority leadership

06:49 Taking your content and repurposing in a way that leads to more meaningful conversations

08:01 Breaking the self-created boxes to make room for embracing personal branding

13:27 Greg's ideas that create connections, power, and spaciousness

16:24 The power of curiosity and branding yourself one conversation at a time

08:45 The importance of building connections now for future personal gain

21:50 Embrace laziness, trust your brilliance and work less

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Now remember to rebel against the rush, embrace a little more of your lazy as you work less (and) trust your brilliance more…

-With love- Naketa Ren Thigpen, Balance (and) Relationship Advisor ♾️💜💋


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